Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Go West, young* woman!

Hey Westies, the boys of Porter Road Butcher and I have nailed down a plan to offer some Bloomy Rind cheese in their new Charlotte Pike location. It will be different from the East Nashville locale, though, as the new shop has a different layout that doesn't accommodate a cut-to-order cheese counter.

The plan is to have a smaller, carefully chosen selection of pre-cut cheeses *plus* the ability to order special offerings each week. We're still working on the special ordering plan, so stay tuned.

Starting early this week, pre-cut pieces will be all ready for you in the reach market cooler. We'll also have some crackers and jams available to go with them. We may have some "cheese plates in a bag" ready to go as well.

Porter Road Butcher - West
4816 Charlotte Pk 37209 (across from Richland Park)
Soft opening hours: Mon - Fri, 12-6pm

For those of you in the Green Hills area, I will continue to offer cheeses weekly through Fresh Harvest CSA in case either of the other two locations isn't convenient.

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