Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday cheese orders

Holiday Cheese Plate To Go! 

Let us pick out a lovely selection of three, four, or five cheeses plus accompaniments for your holiday cheese platter. You’ll receive ¼ - ½ pound wedges of each cheese in a mix of styles and textures plus preserves and Marcona almonds. All you need is a serving platter and a knife!

These also make a great hostess gift if you're headed to someone's house for Thanksgiving as your hosts can serve 'em up then or save them for later.

You can stop by the shop or send us an email (kathleenATthebloomyrind.com) to place your order. 48 hours in advance is recommended as the next 2 weeks are likely to be pretty dang busy.

Choose one:

[ ]  3 cheeses + preserves and Marconas ($26)
      Total approx 12 oz of cheese, serves 5-7 people

[ ]  4 cheeses + preserves and Marconas ($38)
      Total approx 20 oz of cheese, serves 8-12 ppl

[ ]  5 cheeses + preserves and Marconas ($50)
      Total approx 28 oz of cheese, serves 14-16 ppl

[ ]   Somethin’ extra schmancy… ($60)
      1/3 lb Rogue River Blue, Round of Rush Creek Reserve, and 1/3 lb 10 Year Aged Sharp Cheddar
      + Jar of Bathtub Gin or Emily G's preserves and Marcona almonds

Add ons:
[ ]   Stick of Olli Salami ($11 ea)
[ ]   Box of Accidental Baker Crackers ($5.99 ea)
[ ]   Provence baguette ($2.50 ea)

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