Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happenings at the shop + Valentine's Day goodies

Bathtub Gin new jam flavors

The ladies of Bathtub Gin will be in the shop Saturday to sample their latest creations. They have worked up three marmalades for you citrus lovers...

London Pink Gin
This British style orange marmalade with rosemary and cloves. Great with Camembert. It's named for the fashionable UK cocktail, pink gin, created by the Royal Navy, a combination of gin and bitters that works perfectly in this rich, orange treat.

French 75
A lemon marmalade with a delicious citrus pucker that is mixed with Champagne for an effervescent twist.

Manhattan Red
A three fruit marmalade combined with the popular turn of the century Manhattan cocktail and garnished with a splash of tart red cherry juice.
Stop by for a taste!
Saturday, Feb 10th
10am - 1pm

Save the date: Feb. 23rd
Camembert + wine tasting

When you see a bunch of those little white rinded Camembert gems lined up in a row, how do you know which one to choose? Although they look a lot alike, you can experience a wide variety of flavors and textures from one to another. Next Thursday evening, February 23rd, we'll have a number of them out for you to do a little comparing and contrasting. As a bonus, Will Motley from Woodland Wine Merchant will pair up some delicious wines. Stay tuned for times and any other details we may have for you.

Gifts for your sweetie

Next week brings the mother lode of Hallmark holidays. Don't get stuck giving one of those sad ol' boxes of drugstore chocolates when there's so much goodness to be had at the 'Rind. If your sweetie is a cheese lover, we've got you covered...

Order up an artisan cheese plate for two
Bathtub Gin sampler pack (3 yummy flavors and a spreader)
Olive and Sinclair chocolate bars
A copy (and subscription to Culture Magazine)
A Bloomy Rind gift certificate