Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get cheesy this Thanksgiving!

Serve up a plate o' happiness this Thanksgiving!

If you'd like to order a cheese plate for the big feast, please fill out the information below and do one of the following: (1) print it out and drop it by the shop or the stand or (2) email the relevant info to Easy, right?

(For a schedule of shop and stand hours, click here.)

Please place orders by Tuesday at noon. I will send you a confirmation email once I receive your order.

What size cheese plate would you like? (serving sizes based on 2 oz per person)
[ ] Small (serves up to 5) - $25
[ ] Medium (serves up to 10) - $50
[ ] Large (serves up to 15) - $75
[ ] Extra Large (serves up to 20) - $100

Would you like:
[ ] Cheese only
[ ] Cheese and charcuterie (+ $2 per person)

Medium or larger plates include one baguette for every five people.
Do you want additional baguettes for $2.50 per loaf?
] Yes, ________ loaf/loaves
[ ] No thanks

When would you like to pick up your plate?
[ ] Tuesday, November 22nd (between 12pm and 8pm)
[ ] Wednesday, November 23rd (between 12pm and 2pm)
If you need to cancel, please let me know by Monday night. Otherwise I will have prepared it, and you'll be responsible for the cost of it. Hopefully, that's fair.

Your contact info:
Name _____________________________________

Phone ____________________________________

Email ____________________________________

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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