Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cheese Fest Sponsors, We Need You!

(The First Ever) Southern Artisan Cheese Festival is in the works - and we need you, dear supporters of cool stuff happening in Nashville and the Southeast.

Our aim is a modest one: put southern artisan cheesemaking on the map. Like we said, modest. Care to lend a hand to make this lil' ol' vision a reality? (And by lend a hand, we mean write a check.)

That's right, for the price of, well, many cups of coffee, you can present your brand to the many a fancy food festival goer. Aaaand you get good old fashioned bragging rights to making (The First Ever) Southern Artisan Cheese Festival happen.

We have sponsorship levels from $250 to $2500. For details, drop a note to kathleen-at-thebloomyrind-dot-com.

And for bonus awesome points, we'd love to have a few folks help us wrangle sponsors. There are all sorts of perks to volunteering for a cheese festival, namely, uh, cheese. Same deal, send a note to kathleen-at-thebloomyrind-dot-com if you want to be a really important part of Team CheeseFest. (Did we mention bragging rights?!)

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