Thursday, April 28, 2011

List o' cheeses for this weekend

New this week:
From a family owned creamery in Idaho called Lark's Meadow come two additions to The Bloomy Rind: Dulcinea, a 9 month aged sheep's milk Basque style cheese, and Helen, a 5 month aged cows' milk cheese. Both are harder aged cheeses with lots of glorious flavor. Really nice cheeses from a relatively new cheesemaker.

Cheese, cheese and more cheese...

Soft cheeses
Camille (Spinning Spider Creamery, NC)
Soft-ripened round of goat cheese.
Ellington (Looking Glass Creamery, NC)
Soft-ripened, ashed pyramid. Goat.
Carolina Moon (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC)
Buttery, creamy camembert style. Cow.
New Moon (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC)
Smaller, firmer relative of carolina Moon. Cow.
Weybridge (Scholten Family Farm + Cellars at JH, VT)
Looks like a mini-camembert but packs a bit of a punch. Cow.

Semi-soft cheeses
Cumberland (Sequatchie Cove Creamery, TN)
Buttery and kinda tangy, creamy texture. Cow.

Washed rind cheese
Winnimere (Jasper Hill Farm, VT)
Luscious, creamy, bacon-y, salty. Bit of heaven, in my book! Cow.
Coppinger (Sequatchie Cove Creamery, TN)
Big flavors coming through: nuts, eggs, onions. Melt in your mouth texture. Cow.
Hickory Grove (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC)
Semi-firm, Trappist style cheese. Nutty, bready, makes me think of beer. Cow.
Oma (Von Trapp Farmstead + Cellars at JH, VT)
Yes, those von Trapps! Great melted with a drizzle of wildflower honey. Cow.

Firm cheeses
Pleasant Ridge Reserve (Uplands Cheese Co., WI)
Inspired by some of the classic Alpine cheeses like Gruyere. Cow.
Landaff (Landaff Creamery + Cellars at JH, VT)
Citrusy cheddar flavor. Tastes like spring to me! Cow.

Harder, aged cheeses
Red Hill Cheddar (Yellow Moon Creamery, AL)
14 month aged cheddar with distinctive notes of mustard and arugula. Cow.
30 Month Aged Parm (Yellow Moon Creamery, AL)
Made from skim milk and already grated - sprinkle it on everything! Cow.
Tumbleweed (5 Spoke Creamery, PA)
Aged cheddar-ish but with lovely notes of brown butter. Cow.
Ascutney Mountain (Cobb Hill Cheese + The Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT)
Tastes like all my favorite aged cheeses together in each yummy bite. Cow.
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (Cabot Creamery + The Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT)
In the style of an English clothbound cheddar. Some sharpness, earthiness, and notes of toffee. Cow.

Dunbarton Blue (Roelli Cheese Haus, WI)
Natural-rinded, aged cheddar with a small amount of blue. Aka The Gateway Blue! Cow.
Bayley Hazen Blue (Jasper Hill Farm, VT)
Crumbly, somewhat dry texture. Nutty, grassy, with hints of cocoa. Cow.
Echo Mountain Blue (Rogue Creamery, OR)
Creamy, robust blue. Cow + goat.

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