Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cheeses and preserves and almonds, oh my!

Greetings 'Rinders,

I hope everyone had a lovely and stress free Thanksgiving! Hard to believe it's December, eh? It comes every year at the same time, yet it always seems to catch me off guard. And somehow, these four weeks seem to go faster than any other four weeks in the year. Am I right? Anyhoo, may the final four weeks of 2010 be fun and full of fabulous fromage!

As most of you hopefully know, I'm back at the Nashville Farmers' Market on Saturdays. In addition to the best darn cheeses around, I've been wrangling some goodies that are little matches-made-in-heaven for The Bloomy Rind's cheeses. On the short list are marcona almonds, olives, preserves, crackers, fig cake, Creminelli salami, and a couple other surprises.

Under the preserves category, I've been talking with a several small companies that I'm super excited about. Among them, I just placed an order with Emily G's out of Atlanta. Two gals started this small business and craft small batches of interesting, seasonal preserves that I can't wait to try. With any luck they will be here in time for Saturday's market. One of the others is a small company out of San Francisco called Blue Chair Fruit. A little farther from home, but I'm pretty sure it will love at first bite and worth a little extra shipping.

So where am I going with all these goodies, you ask? The big plan is to be able to offer you all the makings of the kickassinest cheese plates and gift baskets around. As the season o' holiday parties and gift giving rolls in, please keep the 'Rind in mind (oh yeah, I rhymed it) for all of your food-centric needs! I'm happy to throw out ideas or answer questions...just drop me a note, give me a shout, or stop by the market stand. My contact info is below.

As the season of eating is upon us, I think it's kinda cool to chip in to make sure we spread the eating around. To everyone. So, to that end, I'll be donating 5% of December's earnings to two local charities near and dear to my heart, Second Harvest Food Bank and Community Food Advocates. I hope you'll join me in supporting these - or any charities close to your heart. Middle Tennesseans are way too awesome to let anyone go hungry during this or any time of year!

So that about does it for the moment. More updates to come. No really, I swear. :)

I hope to see your smiling faces at the Market soon! Until then, be well.


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