Friday, November 12, 2010

Back at the market, baby!

Greetings cheese lovers,

Just in time the holidays, The Bloomy Rind is returning to the Nashville Farmers' Market with a bunch of the best Southern and American cheesemakers have to offer. Come by and find out why The Nashville Scene critics named the 'Rind the "Best News for Cheese Lovers"!

Headed to a party and want to bring the best darn cheese plate in town? Looking for the perfect hostess gift? Pondering a great starter for your Thanksgiving celebration? May I suggest cheese, glorious cheese? I'd love to help you pick a fabulous
selection of cheeses for your holiday festivities!

Without further adieu, here's what I have on hand this week...

(Blackberry Farm, TN)
This is the last batch for the year of this seasonal cheese made only during sheep milking season. Brebis is a fresh, sheep's milk cheese. Super creamy, slightly tart, spreadable. Delish on toast with preserves. Also great with fresh fruits or veggies.

Rogue River Blue (Rogue Creamery, OR)
This rock star of the cheese world won best in show last year at the American Cheese Society awards. A creamy, full-bodied blue that is wrapped in pear brandy soaked grape leaves so you get a little sweet and savory in every bite.

Cumberland (Sequatchie Cove Creamery, TN)
Tennessee's newest licensed creamery! And Cumberland is their very first release. Semi-soft, rich texture, kinda tangy, hints of grass.

Carolina Moon (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC)
I'm really loving everything I've had from the talented ladies of Chapel Hill Creamery. Carolina Moon, their charming Camembert style cheese, is no exception.

Hickory Grove (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC)
Chapel Hill's washed rind offering. Pretty chilled out on the stink-o-meter unlike some of the other washed rind wonders I've carried. Nutty, a little bready, seems like it would be great with a nice medium-bodied craft brew.

Thunder Mountain Swiss (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC)
The third of the Chapel Hill cheeses I have this week. A firm, Alpine style cheese. Well-balanced and, well, Swiss-ish.

Uintah Jack (Beehive Cheese Co, UT)
One my fabulous customers, a self-proclaimed lover of Jack cheese, declared this the best Jack he's ever tasted. And I gotta concur. I tend to lean toward fuller flavored cheeses, but sometimes you just want something mellow. That's where Uintah Jack comes in! Oh, and it melts yummily.

Ascutney Mountain (Cobb Hill Cheese + The Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT)
I first tasted this cheese earlier this year when I did a 3-day cheese intensive at Murray's Cheese in NYC, and it was love at first bite. For me, Ascutney Mountain is what I imagine the offspring of aged gouda and aged cheddar would be, and it's darn tasty!

Butter Bound (Beehive Cheese Co, UT)
Butter Bound is bandaged and coated in butter. Butter! A hard, aged cheese with citrus notes. And, oh yeah, butter!

Dunbarton Blue (Roelli Cheese Co, WI)
Dunbarton Blue is back! Woohoo! If you've had it, you know why we're cheering...
A little bit country, a little but rock n roll. Natural rinded cheddar that is also a blue. Love it with some sourwood honey.

Barely Buzzed (Beehive Cheese Co, UT)
Barely Buzzed is rubbed with coffee, yes coffee, and lavender - unexpected combo that works famously.

Singing Brook (Blackberry Farm, TN)
Blackberry's aged sheep's milk cheese, a nod towards a Pecorino, if you will. Grates nicely. Little bit peppery on the finish.

Aggiano Parm (Beehive Cheese Co, UT)
A younger domestic version of Parmesan. Sweet, nutty. I can eat this cheese like candy. Just sayin'.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (Cabot Creamery + The Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT)
Made in the style of a traditional English bandaged cheddar. Caramel-y, crystal-y, with a hint of earthiness.


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