Monday, July 26, 2010

Rebel with a good cause

What better cause than bringing great cheese to our fair city? Okay, there *are* better causes like, say, curing disease, but you get the idea.

If you read the blog and/or follow The Bloomy Rind on FB and Twitter, you know it's been a bit of a struggle being able to sell cheese of late. Obviously, the long term solution is a storefront. And I'm working on that. If you happen to know of a good space coming available, please feel free to email me at kathleen(at)thebloomyrind(dot)com. What's a 'good' space you ask? Small-ish, good visibility to passersby (is that a word?), parking, proximity to a wine shop is a bonus, affordable rent, etc.

But short term, what's a cheese maven to do? Glad you asked...

I'm working with one CSA to make my cheeses available to their members and talking with 2 CSAs. If you belong to a CSA and would like TBR cheese to be available at your pickup, please let me know or, better yet, suggest The Bloomy Rind to your CSA manager.

Several friends have suggested hosting cheese parties. If you'd like to gather a crew of cheese-loving friends and perhaps some wine, I'm more than happy to bring a selection of cheese to you!

As a super short term soluntion, the cheese stand is going mobile! (This is where said rebellion comes into play as I imagine codes wouldn't be too keen on this option.) This Wednesday I'll be set up at 602 Russell St in East Nashville, from 5-7pm. My dear pals who reside there have offered up the front porch of their centrally located home to The Bloomy Rind. Everyone is welcome to come by and, of course, by some cheese. We might even be sharing some refreshing adult beverages. :)

Thanks to everyone who is hanging in there with me! I really want to build something fabulous for our community and our bellies.

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