Monday, May 3, 2010

The short list: 4/17/10 (orig posted 4/15/10)

Here's a quick list of the cheeses I plan to have on Saturday. Descriptions and maybe even some photos to follow...

Green Hill, Sweetgrass Dairy, GA

Oma, von Trapp Farmstead, VT

Seahive, Beehive Cheese Co, UT

Thomasville Tomme, Sweetgrass Dairy, GA

Barely Buzzed, Beehive Cheese Co, UT

Black Butte Reserve, Pedrozo Dairy, CA

Dante, WI Sheep Dairy Cooperative, WI

Yellow Moon Farmhouse, Wright Dairy, AL

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT

Dunbarton Blue, Roelli Haus Cheese, WI

Asher Blue, Sweetgrass Dairy, GA

Bayley Hazen Blue, Jasper Hill, VT

All the makings of a darn tasty cheese plate (or four) right there, folks!

More info in a bit...


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