Friday, May 28, 2010

The line-up for Saturday, May 29th


Here's a quick update of the cheeses I'll have available tomorrow...

+ Winnimere (Jasper Hill Farm, VT)
Lambic beer (custom brewed for the farm) washed rind. Big flavor. Rich, creamy texture. Lil' bit stinky. Wrapped with a band of spruce bark from the farm. A seasonal and very unique offering that probably won't be around again until early next year.

+ Dunbarton Blue (Roelli Cheese Co, WI)
A little bit country, a little but rock n roll. Natural rinded cheddar that is also a blue. Love it with some sourwood honey.

+ Seahive and Barely Buzzed (Beahive Cheese Co, UT)
Seahive's rind is rubbed with sea salt and honey local to the cheesemaker. Barely Buzzed is rubbed with coffee, yes coffee, and lavender - unexpected combo that works famously. Both are crowd faves.

+ Green Hill (Sweet Grass Dairy, GA)
A camembert style cheese that's buttery, creamy and lucious. The batch I have on hand is at that perfect ripeness stage where it starts to get a gooey.

+ Black Butter Reserve (Pedrozo Dairy, CA)
Aged farmstead cow cheese. Kinda sharp, especially when you serve it at room temp. Great creamy texture as you gobble it up, pleasantly surprising for a cheese over a year old.

+ Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (Cabot Creamery + The Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT)
Made in the style of a traditional English bandaged cheddar. Caramely, crystaly, with a hint of earthiness.

+ Dante (WI Sheep Dairy Coop)
An aged sheeps milk cheese. Great texture. Rich. Not too sheepy.

+ Gouda (Hollands Family Cheese, WI)
I have one that's aged 18-24 months and one that's aged 6-9 months. Both really nice. The 18+ is caramely and crystaly - like candy to this gal.

I'm working on some more goodies for you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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